Trust Funds Boost Dozens of Braintree School Programs

The money from various trust funds goes to programs as diverse as the Academic Decathlon and the Thayer House Program.

More than $163,000 in trust fund allocations to a variety of programs was approved for the current fiscal year by the School Committee earlier this week.

The distribution – from four separate accounts – is $38,000 more than last year, with additional funding primarily supporting increased interest among students in Advanced Placement tests, upgrades at 's Media Center and additional technology money.

Superintendent Dr. Peter Kurzberg said during the committee's meeting Monday at that there has recently been a successful push for students to take the AP tests, which, depending on their score, can end up as college credit.

"We've been encouraging students to participate in the Advanced Placement program," Dr. Kurzberg said. "We think that's a good thing."

This year, an additional $10,800 went to the costs of those tests from the Hollis Funds, which helped pay for a total of 13 different areas to the tune of $133,339, up from $120,946 in fiscal year 2011.

The Colbert Fund increased its distribution from $4,000 last year to $21,658 this year for media center improvements. The Charles Edward French Trust kicked in $7,312 for technology programs, up from $300 last year, and the BHS Class of 1918 Fund added $1,461 for the BHS Media Center.

More than $64,000 from the Hollis Funds will go toward extracurricular stipends, funding more than half of the total cost. The balance – $46,497 – comes from the activity fee. The Hollis money includes $76,194 for BHS, $17,318 for and $17,318 for .

Programs funded by Hollis include the Art Honor Society, the History, Debate, Cultural Awareness and Science clubs, the String Quartet, the Concert Choir and Jazz Band at various schools, the BHS yearbook, and much more. Overall, nearly 80 programs receive stipend assistance.


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