Students Examine Physics, Ticks, Sound Proofing and More at 2013 Science Fair

Science Fair judging concluded Wednesday afternoon at Braintree High.

Above are just a few of the 59 projects presented by Braintree High School students in the 2013 Science Fair on Wednesday.

Experiments ranged from Caitlin Gardner's test of hydroponic growth on basil plants, to Robert Kearn's freezing and heating a bouncing ball to Sonam Ghosh's detection of anti-breast cancer compounds in natural products like garlic, tomato and grapes.

Below are the names of the winners of this year’s BHS Science Fair, as provided by Director of Science Dianne Rees, who also writes, "The Richard P. Doyle award goes to the highest scoring project.  The Biophysical Society sponsored an award for the best project addressing a topic in biophysics.  The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will go on to compete at the South Shore Regional Science Fair at Bridgewater State U. on March 9.  Winners from that will go on to the Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair to be held at MIT on May 2-4, 2013."

Richard P Doyle Award    Sonam Ghosh - Detection of anti-breast cancer compounds in extracts from natural products
1st    Nicole Clancy, Purva Rumde, Jaiying Su - Effect of lyrics on student learning
1st    Jacqueline Flynn - Hot tips to kill ticks
1st    Hannah Tan - Testing quality of composition in different water samples
2nd    Vyshnavi Anandan - purifying water of bacteria using ultra violet light
2nd    Caitlin Gardner - hydroponic plant growth
2nd    Molly Reagan - effects of density and material on the absorbtion of sound
2nd    Leah Tan - the power of spin
3rd    Emily DiGiusto - determining bacteria levels of different water sources
3rd    Maverick Lydon Shay - freezing point depression
3rd and Biophysical Society Award    Adriana McDevitt - impact of block settings on a sprinter's speed
3rd    Alexander Weingart - oxidation states of manganese metal
Special Commendation    Kathyrn Barry
Special Commendation    Sophia Berardinelli
Special Commendation    Quan Bui
Special Commendation    Emily Cadigan
Special Commendation    Andrew Holland
Special Commendation    Robert Kearns
Special Commendation    Sierra Moline
Special Commendation    Nicholas Vaughn
Special Commendation    Sheila Yee
Special Commendation    Brooke Yuen

Amanda February 07, 2013 at 03:41 PM
Congrats to the "Effects of Lyrics" team - my son participated during his science class at East, he'll be excited to hear they won! Good luck on the next round!


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