More Kindergarten Info from Braintree Schools After Meeting Spurs Questions

With nearly three-quarters of Braintree's incoming kindergarten families now having expressed interest in some form of full-day kindergarten, school officials are working to craft a plan that could possibly open full-day classes at the town's six elementa

The following Q&A was emailed, following the information session on Feb. 9, to all families who are included in the lottery for .

1. What happens to my deposit and first month’s payment if I move between now and the start of school?

If your slot can be filled with someone from the waiting list, your deposit and first month’s payment will be returned.

2. What can be offered at the high school to full-day kindergarten students who need before school care?

Right now, there is no before school care for students who attend full-day kindergarten at the high school.

3. What if my child is near the top of the lottery list and I am more interested in a home school? Can I go to the home school?

If the high school slots are filled and there is enough interest in the home school, you would have the opportunity to go to your home school.

4. How do I get into a home school?

It will depend on how many students go the high school program and where you fall in the lottery.

5. Can I lose my spot if I give up the full-day kindergarten at the high school and wait for the home school spot?

We are going to try and determine who is able to go to the high school and who is able to go to their Home School at the same time. This way, no one will be waiting to see what they may be eligible for unless they are still on a waiting list and haven’t been chosen for either the high school or the home school.

6. Will there be transportation or breakfast provided at the Braintree High School full-day kindergarten?

At the present time, there is no transportation or breakfast provided at the high school.

7. Why does the high school have to be filled first?

In order to ensure that there is enough room at the home schools for their half-day kindergarten programs, students have to be placed at the high school first. Otherwise, there could be exceptionally large class sizes for the half-day kindergarten classes in the home schools.

8. What will the process be to fill the high school?

Based upon the deposits that are received by March 1, a determination will be made as to whether there is enough interest in both the high school and the home school program. Your placement in the lottery will determine whether you will be able to attend your home school or the high school.

9. Can the half-day sessions be moved to the high school to make room for additional full-day kindergarten classes at home schools?

There would not be enough room at the high school to accommodate half-day sessions at the high school, and additional transportation costs would be incurred by the school system.

10. When will parents know if there will be classes at home schools?

We are planning on letting everyone know of their status by March 15.

11. Can we open another Braintree facility to create additional full-day kindergarten classes?

Right now, funding does not allow for the use of an additional facility in Braintree.

12. Due to MCAS results at our home school, will we be able to send my child to another FDK school?

MCAS results will not be available until August, so the question cannot be answered until that time.

13. When will I know if my child gets into a full-day kindergarten program?

You will know if your child is in the full day kindergarten program by March 15.

14. What is the maximum number of students in a half-day or full-day kindergarten classroom?

We are using 20 as a guide, recognizing that there would be some fluctuation for students who move into the district or move out. Full-day kindergarten classrooms will be limited to 20.

15. What is the possibility for redistricting?

Right now, there are no plans to redistrict. However, we are in the process of undergoing a space needs study. Until we come up with a solution to address additional space for the schools, it is too soon to be thinking about redistricting.  We have redistricted in the past so it is never a guarantee that people will stay in their current home school. We had a small redistricting in 2004 when we closed Monatiquot School and Eldridge Kindergarten Center and before that, in 1992, when we reopened the Hollis School.

16. If you are on the wait list and get in right before the start of school, are you responsible for a large payment immediately?

Yes. If you are on the waiting list and hope to participate at a later date, you should begin budgeting for the program so that if you are selected, you will be able to make payments.

17. Will I have to provide transportation to full-day kindergarten at another home school?


18. When will there be an open house at BHS for parents to see the classrooms?

Right now there are two opportunities to visit the facilities – on Monday, Feb. 27 at 3:30 p.m. and Tuesday, Feb. 28 at 7:00 p.m.

19. Will there be a reduction in tuition for a child who goes to another home school?


20. If I send in my deposit and do not hear from the schools that my child has been chosen for a full-day kindergarten spot, will I get my deposit back?


21. If you are in a low-income program, do you have to pay a deposit?

Yes. If you are eligible for Free/Reduced lunch, your deposit will be $150.

22. If I choose to go to a different full-day kindergarten at a school and a spot opens at my home school, will I be informed?

Yes. It will depend, however, if more students from your school have chosen a different school and where you were in the lottery.

23. Is there a late dismissal time for BHS full day kindergarten?

Parents have until 3:15 p.m. to pick up their children if they have children at other elementary schools.

24. How will my child get IEP services?

Special Education Services would be provided at the high school as well as the home schools unless there are unique needs which require a different facility.

25. Is there an option to pay the tuition in a 10-month payment plan?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer a 10-month payment plan. Payments are due on a quarterly basis as follows:

                                March 1 (deposit)                             $300

                                April 1 (1st Payment)                        $450

                                July 1 (2nd Payment)                        $750

                                Oct. 1 (3rd Payment)                         $750

                                Jan. 15, 2013 (4th Payment)             $750


26. How will I know if my deposit has been received?

You will receive an email confirming receipt of your deposit.

Braintree_Parent February 14, 2012 at 01:36 PM
Thanks Joe, great follow up!


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