Braintree Youths Earn Boston College High School Honors

Boston College High School is a Jesuit, Catholic, college-preparatory school for young men founded in 1863.

High Honors

Nicholas Arabia        2012

Thomas Fallon          2012

Samuel Lee                2012

Sean McCusker         2012

Jonathan Wong         2012

Liam Feeney             2013

Colin Foley               2013

Patrick Kelly             2013

Camil Khalife            2013

John McKinley         2013

Connor Norton         2013

Nevin Zheng             2013

Patrick Boyle            2014

Nicolas Valicenti       2014

Michael Aiello          2015

Michael Evers           2015

James Kraunelis        2015

Connor Murphy       2015

Michael Murphy      2015

Joseph Souza            2015

of Braintree achieved High Honors for the Fourth Quarter at Boston College High School. For High Honors a Soph., Jr., Sr. must have at least a 3.80 quality point average and all grades '"C+" or higher. Freshmen need a 3.6 quality point average and all grades '"C+" or higher.

*****     *****     *****

The following B.C. High students from Braintree achieved Honors.  For Honors a Soph., Jr.,Sr. must have at least a 3.20 quality point average and all grades '"C-" or higher. Freshmen need a 3.165 quality point average and all grades '"C-" or higher.


Kyle Harvey                     2012           

Cameron Ricciardi             2012           

Alexander Standley           2012           

Marco DeVito                   2013           

Patrick Fullam                   2013           

Matthew Maydoney        2013           

Brian Vizarreta                  2013           

Christopher Breen             2014           

Matthew Fallon                2014           

Noel Feeney                      2014           

Michael Green                   2014           

Seamus Holland                 2014           

Brian Hurley                     2014           

Michael Luna                    2014           

Joseph Ryan                     2014           

Varatyong Tariyo              2014           

Addison Cartwright          2015           

Brandon Chin                    2015 

–Boston College High


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