UPDATE: Braintree Schools Delayed One Hour Tuesday

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UPDATE: Addressing the concerns of many parents who have commented on Braintree Patch's Facebook page, Dr. Kurzberg said that unfortunately there are no other options, and that the intent of getting the message out Monday afternoon about the delay was to provide enough time for alternative arrangements, such as car pooling.

"Sidewalks will not be ready tomorrow and may not for several more days," Dr. Kurzberg said in an email. "Parents will have to use their own discretion in determining if they have a safe route for their children. If not, they can keep their child at home with no penalty to the student."

Melissa Miceli, in an example of the concerns posted on Facebook, wrote:

"Really poor judgement by school officials. While I understand kids need to get back to school, their safety should be thought about. Not all roads in Braintree are safely cleared either. Some of them are a slushy mess. Safety of children having to WALK ON MAIN ROADS to get to a bus stop is ridiculous."

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Braintree Public Schools will have a one-hour delay Tuesday morning as the town continues to clean up from the weekend's blizzard.

Students will also have alternate bus routes, Superintendent Dr. Peter Kurzberg said in an email Monday afternoon. Families and staff will receive an email and phone call about the plans at 3:30 p.m.

Click the link to a Word document at the very bottom of this webpage to see the alternate routes: http://www.braintreeschools.org


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