How Much Property Does Messina Really Own in Braintree?

F.X. Messina is headquarted in Braintree and was founded in the 1950s by Francis Messina.

Everyone who knows Braintree knows that F.X. Messina owns "half the town," as residents like to joke. But how much does the real estate company and its founder Francis Messina actually own in Braintree?

Just less than $85 million worth of land and buildings, according to records kept by Patriot Properties, which stores data from the Board of Assessors on all real estate in Braintree, along with a number of other towns.

In terms of geography, the Messina properties – commercial, industrial and residential – cover about 1 percent of Braintree's land, or 127.5 acres out of a little more than 9,000 total.

Much of Messina's properties are single-family and multi-family units, spread throughout Braintree. The condominiums at 550 Washington St., which was formerly Braintree High School, are one example. At a 2012 value of $6,458,600 – for both the building and grounds – Patriot Properties lists The Landmark as one of Messina's most valuable properties.

But by far contributing the most to the company's Braintree holdings is its 8.86-acre site at 121 Pearl St., home to Shaw's, Office Max, Plaster Fun Time and other stores. It is listed at a value of nearly $13.5 million, two-thirds of which comes from the worth of the building.

Francis X. Messina founded F.X. Messina in the late 1950s. It is headquarted in Braintree, though the company also has properties elsewhere. Messina remains the President and CEO.

According to the company website, Messina "owns and manages all of its properties in-house to ensure that all aspects of operations are maintained to the highest standards."

Other noteable Messina properties in Braintree include Chili's at 170 Pearl St., worth $1.9 million, Dunkin' Donuts at 240 Ivory St., worth $1.7 million, a warehouse property at 125 Lundquist Dr. worth $2.8 million and the Five Corners property at 405 Franklin St. that now hosts a TD Bank, worth $1.1 million.


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