How Much is the South Shore Plaza Worth?

More real estate facts from Braintree Patch and Patriot Properties.

With Black Friday quickly approaching and the final stretch before Christmas after that, the South Shore Plaza will be one of the busiest places around.

You might wonder, while shopping: I know how much the stuff in my basket is worth, but what about the mall itself?

Coincidentally, the Plaza – at 250 Granite St. in Braintree – is valued at $250 million, according to records kept by Patriot Properties, which stores data from the Board of Assessors on all real estate in Braintree, along with a number of other towns.

The 2012 assessments puts the building value at $195 million and the land at $54 million, with "special features" adding up to another $1.7 million. The site is nearly 112 acres.


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