Town Puts Out Proposal Request for Petersen Pool and Rink at Braintree High

Gov. Deval Patrick signed legislation that allows Braintree to request proposals that include both designing and building.

The following information is from the Office of Mayor Joseph Sullivan:

Braintree Skating Rink and Swimming Pool Design and Construction Investigation

Purpose of the RFI: The Town of Braintree seeks proposals from interested parties for the proposed development and operation of a swimming pool and skating rink on a six-acre parcel on the campus of . Proposals encourage all possible scenarios. The RFI is issued solely for information and planning purposes-it does not constitute a Request for Proposal (RFP) or a promise to issue an RFP in the future. The goal of the RFI is for the Town to review the responses, identify the design or facility it prefers and then incorporate those preferences into the Town’s future development plans.

Background: The Town of Braintree seeks to improve its recreational and athletic facilities. As part of this effort the Town seeks proposals from interested parties to design, build and operate a skating rink and swimming pool on a six acres of land located on the campus of Braintree High School. This site was chosen due to its central location within the town and readily available parking and infrastructure. The campus is located at the intersection of Town and Granite Streets, less than one mile away from Interstate Route 93 and Route 3 also known as “the Braintree Split.” The proposed location would readily support a Junior Olympic size pool, a skating rink with one or two sheets of ice and 90 parking spaces to be added to the existing 300 space parking lot. The Town
has approximately $1.5 million available in the Augustus Petersen Trust to assist in the financing of the construction of a municipal swimming pool.

Special Legislation: The Town sponsored recently enacted special legislation, Chapter 151 of the Acts of 2011 that allows this project to follow a “design build” process. The legislation provides interested parties the flexibility to choose the design of the facility they feel they can build and operate efficiently and profitably while meeting the requirements of the Town. The legislation also allows the Town to enter into a lease of fifty (50) years with the operator of the facility, with an option held by the Town to renew for an additional five years.

Planning and Zoning: The six acre parcel is currently zoned as open space and construction of a rink and a pool is not an allowed use. Prior to issuing a Request For Proposals (RFP) the Mayor will propose an amendment to the Zoning Ordinances which will allow for the proposed use.

Scope of Services: The Town of Braintree would like proponents to propose the
construction, development and operation of a swimming pool and skating rink.
Specifically, the pool shall be a year round Junior Olympic size (75 feet long by 70 feet wide) with a one meter diving board, diving area with twelve (12) foot depth and twenty (20) head clearance and a walk in area. The rink shall consist of at least one ice surface 200 feet long and 85 feet wide. The rink may be either seasonal or year round.

Both the rink and the pool must meet the requirements to accommodate Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association competition.

Sufficient land will be provided by the Town to allow for a second ice surface of
identical length. Locker rooms for school sports teams, changing areas, spectator stands and concession facilities should also be included in submitted proposals. The use of cogeneration technology in association with the Braintree Electric Light Department is also available to the bidders.

The Town seeks a high quality product completed within the timeframe provided so that the pool and one ice surface will be available no later than the 2013-2014 season.

The Town also seeks proposals that will provide Braintree Public School teams and community programs with preference as to rental of practice and competition times and also sets aside times for community skating and swimming. The rates and schedule should be competitive, yet maintain opportunities for school and recreational programs without causing the facility to operate at a loss.

The Town also seeks a sustained source of revenue or other compensation in return for use of its land and its provision of $1.5 million.

Responses should also provide

a. Name, address, telephone number, name of contact person of the bidder;

b. A description of the general skills nature of operation of the bidder, including
whether the bidder is a for-profit or non-profit organization;

c. Resumes of the principals who will be overseeing the design, engineering and
construction of the facility;

d. If a joint venture is proposed, the above information for all the parties to the
joint venture and the role of each party in the joint venture. If the application
is submitted by an agent, the identification of and statement of authority to act
on behalf of the principal;

e. Prior similar projects developed by the responder including name, location,
date and name of owners for which similar projects were completed. This list
shall identify reference contacts for each cited project.

f. A list of other municipalities or non-profit entities with which the bidder has
contracted to perform similar projects with the names and telephone numbers
of the primary contacts at those municipalities;

g. A plan of services, which may be incorporated into a contract with the Town,

following negotiations, if necessary, containing all steps that the bidder will
perform in each phase of the project;

h. A general description and conceptual drawing of the proposed facility which
details the specifications of the swimming pool, whether the rink is year-
round or seasonal and whether it consists of one or two sheets of ice. Locker
facilities, grandstands, concessions and restrooms should also be included in
the general description and drawing.

i. A proposed plan of operation which shall include a business plan detailing the
hours that will be made available and the amounts charged to the Braintree
Public Schools teams, Braintree recreational programs and for community
use, amounts to be charged to the public at large, operation of concessions
and sport related equipment shops, naming rights, advertising and any other
anticipated revenue producing activity. The plan should also identify the
costs of operation including identifying the number and types of employees
anticipated to be hired or contracted to operate the facility, cost of utilities,
supplies, materials, insurance and any and all other expenses related to the
operation of the facilities.

Time, Date and Address for Receipt of Proposals

Three copies of responses to the Request For Information are requested with a single contact person including name address, telephone and email address to whom all correspondence should be addressed are to be submitted no later than Friday, May 18, 2012 at 12:00 PM (noon) at the Office of the Chief of Staff and Operations located on the Second Floor of Braintree Town Hall, One John F. Kennedy Memorial Drive, Braintree, MA 02184, at which time and location the bids shall be publicly opened and read. Postmarks will not be considered.

Landon Smith September 21, 2012 at 04:27 PM
<a href="http://www.dolphin-pools.com/aboutus.html">Swimming pool design and construction</a> was just the logical next step for Braintree HIgh. I'm glad to see them improving.


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