Town Offers Winter Tips, Provides Snow Removal Rules

The Blizzard of 2013 dropped two feet or more of snow in Braintree and across the region.

Below are excerpts from the town's snow tips and removal laws posted on its website. More can be found here: www.braintreema.gov.

"When you shovel or plow the end of your driveway, do not pile snow on the sidewalk area. The sidewalk plow will only push this extra snow right back in your driveway!  It also makes it difficult for the sidewalk plow to get through the deep pile of snow, slowing down the process of clearing the sidewalks for the public.

"When plowing or snowblowing, do not discharge snow into or across roadway.  This can create very dangerous obstructions on the roadway as well as icy spots that create the potential for accidents.  This is also in direct violation of Town Bylaws!

"When shoveling, shovel to the right, with the direction of travel in order for the extra snow piled at the ends to not be pushed back into your driveway."

Please call this hotline with your question or concern (781) 794-8965.

Snow bylaws – penalties for violating the law against not putting snow on public ways

All first violations - Documented Warning.

Residential (Less than 6 dwelling units):

Manual Snow Shoveling: second violation $10.00; third violation $25.00; fourth or more violations $50.00.

Residential mechanized snow moving: second violation $25.00; third violation $50.00; fourth or more violations $100.00.

Commercial and 6 or more residential units:

Manual Snow Shoveling: second violation $50.00; third or more violations $300.00.

Mechanized snow moving: second violation $150.00; third or more violations $300.00.


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