Town Census Misprint Confuses Voters Who are Registered

Braintree's annual census began arriving at homes this past weekend.

Town Clerk Joe Powers is seeking to reassure Braintree residents that even though Town Census forms mailed to them last week do not contain an asterisk indicating their voter registration, they may actually be registered.

An error at the printing office led to all census forms being mailed without the asterisks, which the form says note whether someone is registered to vote or not.

Powers said his office was flooded with concerned residents earlier this week, but that people should not be concerned – if they have registered, they are still in the system as such.

Elsewhere on the form there is a column for political affilitation. If that column has any letter next to a resident's name, that also means they are registered, Powers said.

The error "does not change anything they need to do," Powers said.

Census forms began arriving at Braintree homes Saturday.

Vernon Harrison January 24, 2013 at 11:56 AM
Leveraging ANYONE'S right to vote is un-American! Disconnect the Census from voter registration all together before we have it attached to unpaid property tax, fines, water bills...
Judge Amy Gray January 24, 2013 at 07:17 PM
Here is a radical thought: every citizen who lives in Braintree should be automatically registered to vote.
LCT January 25, 2013 at 12:59 AM
Does anyone know exactly what happens with the info on the town census? Is it considered "public"? What does Braintree do to protect one's privacy? The US Federal Census has a restriction of 72 yrs before individual info can be released, for privacy reasons. I agree with Vernon, residents should not be threatened with being dropped from voter rolls if one doesn't fill out the town census. Judge Amy, I understand many people don't register to vote because they don't want to get called for jury duty. Geez! Pretty much the only thing that separates citizens from illegals is the right to vote & serve on a jury. I like the way some states register eligible jurers, via driver's licenses. Too bad so many folks are apathetic about exercising our precious right to vote.


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