Nursing Home Conversion to Add 27 Apartments to Pond Street

The FX Messina property at the corner of Pond Street and Washington Street was originally a 128-bed nursing home.

Representatives for FX Messina and town officials are working out the kinks in a proposal to convert a decades-old nursing home on Pond Street into an apartment building aimed at business professionals.

The property at 20 Pond St. has been added to over the years and last served as a 128-bed nursing home. Renovations include reducing the building's footprint to add parking space, replacing much of the roof and completely overhauling the inside.

Among the aspects the developer is still finalizing are parking and cut-throughs, in discussion with abutter South Congregational Church, along with the design of the outside of the building. Representatives will meet again with the Planning Board in December.

"This building can be warmed up in some way shape or form," Rob St. John, Messina's planning director, told the board last week. "What you're looking at is a work-in-progress."

St. John said the goal is to have a 27-unit apartment building that draws in professionals who value housing near the T and South Braintree Square. It is being called the Franvale Apartments and St. John said that the development will be similar to what Messina did previously with its Hollingsworth property.

How the property looks, then, "is a major thing," board member Darryl Mikami said. "We're looking for something that [looks] good."

The three-story building will have nine units per floor – 20 two-bedroom apartments and seven single bedroom apartments, according to a plan submitted this month to the board. There will also be two parking spaces per unit, for a total of 54.

According to those numbers, the architect Habeeb & Associates puts the occupant maximum at 130 people. Three of the apartments will be affordable units, as required by law, St. John said.

Sandie Baler-Segal October 15, 2012 at 07:15 PM
Thrilled to hear that something useful is finally being done with that building. It's in such a great location and has been empty for so long. SB
Bill October 15, 2012 at 10:54 PM
NOT THRILLED. Another Boss-hog project. Next they'll tell us they are targeting 'professionals;' no kids - where have I heard that before. Is this going to be another FX low-income housing project? Every FX project brings more traffic and headaches for Braintree's infrastructure, and more kids for the school system too – yippee. I'll get my marshmallows ready for the next ‘accidental’ fire. This company has NEVER done anything good for our town – EVER! Braintree has allowed this opportunistic family ruin what was once a nice town.
G October 16, 2012 at 12:12 AM
Bill, you hit the nail on the head. They always say they are targeting professionals. This place will be section 8 within ten years and choke our community and schools just like the big stain on our town, Braintree Village.


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