Letter to the Editor: Elizabeth Warren's Got My Back!

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To the Editor,

When she served as a special advisor to President Obama, Elizabeth Warren worked to eliminate deceptive lending practices which target the most vulnerable members of our society. 

As the architect of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, she demanded that lenders communicate clearly with their customers. Straightforward mortgage agreements and student loan contracts are essential to maintaining an even playing field between big banks and the citizens which they service. 

I trust Elizabeth to promote these ideals in Washington. She understands that democracy functions best when hard-working people have equal chances for success. We should not have to fall prey to harmful loan contracts while trying to refinance a home or pay back a debt.

Elizabeth advocated for consumer rights before that idea became a popular political talking point. She continues to represent the best interests of the middle class in Massachusetts. 

Allison McIntyre 

Braintree, MA

Don DelPico July 07, 2012 at 03:34 PM
Warren who claims to argue against deceptive practices used these same practices to enhance herself in the job market. A lie is always a lie and a liar is always a liar. My grandmother was an imigrant and could not read or write, but she knew right from wrong. Also to be blamed for supporting this lie is Harvard University.


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