Heavy Equipment Mobilized for Weekend Storm in Braintree

The storm could dump as few as three inches or as many as 10 in the area this weekend.

Braintree Patch file photo.
Braintree Patch file photo.
One of the steps Braintree officials took in preparation for this winter was to raise its per-hour snow removal rates and bring in six additional front-loaders.

After last winter's blizzards challenged the efforts of cities and towns across the region, Braintree brought in the heavier contractor equipment, added one more DPW snow plow for its main roads and continued to fine-tune its emergency communications plan.

“We’re always making adjustments to see how we can perform better," Mayor Joseph Sullivan said Friday. "Every storm is different. The timing of the storms have an impact as well.”

This weekend's storm will dump at least some snow on Braintree – forecasts ranged Friday from 3-6 inches to 6-10, depending on how the storm moves – and Sullivan said the town is prepared.

The town has not yet declared a snow emergency. If it does sometime Saturday, when the snow is scheduled to hit in the early afternoon, then a shelter will be set up at the Department of Elder Affairs on Cleveland Avenue and a storm communications center will be established at the police station.

For snow removal, the plan is to have eight plow drivers (up from seven last year) who work for the town taking care of the main roads. The rest of Braintree is split into 27 neighborhood routes for contractors, who have a map of their routes in their trucks and five DPW foremen overseeing them, Sullivan said.

The town also has three sidewalk plows. 

Sullivan reminds residents to not park overnight in the municipal lots in Braintree's business districts, but that if they cannot get driveway space, they can park at Sunset Lake or at Watson Park

The town has yet to make a decision on on-street parking Saturday night.

"It's a weekend storm so that will give us time Sunday to clear the [school] parking lots," Sullivan said.

The mayor said he listened to feedback from residents based on last year's storm performance, and said that while there is much that is out of the town's control when it comes to timing and severity, Braintree is better prepared now for nasty winter weather than ever before.

“We will get to every street," Sullivan said. "We will get to every neighborhood as fast and efficiently as we can.”

Brian F Hickman December 18, 2013 at 11:02 AM
A Little "PRAISE" for a nice job the highway has done during the last 2 Storms. The Mayor and Tom Whalen, along with Stevie O"Brien kept on top of this. A few people I have run into were impressed.
Matt December 18, 2013 at 01:20 PM
A little Praise for what the highway dept did. What are you smoking . Last night took over an hour to get from one side of Braintree to the other. Grove , Common and Hayward streets were not plowed until late. And with the first storm whats the point of putting down salt when it was pouring rain out? Why not wait till the next day when the temp dropped and the streets turned icy.
Brian F Hickman December 19, 2013 at 04:31 PM
Hi Matt, See that u are throwing stones at town government again. Is there anything in Braintree that u do like?? I mean we are like a small city now and our Town Govt is "Pretty Good". Our Police, Fire, Schools and other agencys are also "Good". For 39 yrs, I worked the streets of Braintree and have seen people come and go. This town was not picked as a top 10 Town in Mass because of poor Govt and poor Shools and services! Matt, enjoy the Holiday season and show us that U Can be a Nice Person!!
truthhurtz December 20, 2013 at 08:07 AM
shools? what is a shool? Us Braintree High graduates spell wicked good. :) Play nice boys


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