Braintree and Weymouth Mayors on Maintaining Trash Partnership

The Mayors currently have Capitol Waste services for trash/recycling and will now look at a number of companies that may be able to offer their services commencing this July 1.

Mayors Susan Kay, Weymouth and Joseph C. Sullivan, Braintree agreed today to continue their combined support for regionalization of their trash and recycling programs that they commenced in 2008. Quincy recently decided to deal with a singular trash hauler on its own.

“Our agreement with Braintree is a good one” said Mayor Sue Kay “and now we will look to make it even better”. The Mayors noted that they will issue a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to test the marketplace for trash/recycling companies to operate the curbside pick up responsibilities for both towns.

“Expiring contracts gives pause to making sure new opportunities and technologies are fully and fairly investigated before we proceed” stated Mayor Kay. Citing the benefits resulting from the previous efforts their DPW teams were able to bring them, the mayors feel that possible savings and the quality of service will be the commitment of their work together.

Mayor Sullivan is a strong proponent of regionalization efforts and noted that Braintree serves as the host community of this agreement with the newly upgraded Covanta transfer station facility on Ivory Street. “The negotiating power of volume, the synergies within the programs of our two communities and past success in our programs encourages me to fully investigate what new
options are available to stabilize costs and move toward better service programs to reduce our trash output and increase our recycling through new efforts – especially those that hold the line on cost while benefiting the environment in the long-run.”

Some of their desired benefits will be increased recycling in Weymouth, as Braintree currently has, by moving to weekly collection. They have investigated a very popular and successful program standardizing collection by using vendor-supplied, wheeled carts that will allow automated collection and greater capacity to recycle. “There are some very successful models being instituted, and we will be looking for the ‘best practices’ and building a program that works for our communities within the next several months” Mayor Sullivan added.

The Mayors currently have Capitol Waste services for trash/recycling and will now look at a number of companies that may be able to offer their services commencing this July 1.

–Office of Braintree Mayor Joseph Sullivan

kerry March 23, 2013 at 01:04 PM
I'm happy that Braintree is evaluating trash/recycling. I find Capital Waster is messy, leaving homeowners barrels tossed anywhere, leaving dropped trash on the street and letting bottles and cans roll away. The vendor supplied wheeled carts would be an improvement on the sidewalk and possibly the stray debris. A more simple solution may be requiring disposable recyclable bags which could be store bought or town provided as many residents don't know what to use although they have stepped up their recycling (the old low recycling bins did not allow trash bags.)
Mike March 23, 2013 at 02:15 PM
Kerry I have been in the sanitation industry for over 12 years, and have read/heard your same complaints during my entire career. What most people fail to understand is the mess on community streets or barrels in disarray are often the result of mother nature. People do not properly prepare their trash or recyclables for collection. Recycle bins are constantly over loaded and filled with loose papers and empty plastic bottles. The same goes for trash cans. They are placed at the curb without lids or missing wheels. The slightest breeze can make a neighborhood look like a landfill. Empty barrels are routinely placed back where they came from. However, if not collected quickly any wind will surely relocate them. Sanitation work is tough, dangerous, and thankless! I assure you the men at Capitol Waste take great pride in their work
Frank March 23, 2013 at 10:03 PM
I have to agree with Mike Kerry i also been working in this industry for 15 years every company trys to do the best they can with placing barrels back where they find but most people are not educated on proper way to dispose waste and recycle it has gotten better but carts is a huge help for both resident and the waste haulers..
Jim March 24, 2013 at 02:41 PM
That pretty much says it all. No matter what company you get uncovered trash and recycle creates a mess. I have seen residents picking up their neighbors mess before the trash men arrive. Totters are neater. Trash cans with lids are neater. Trash cans with water and snow create a mess. Cleanouts create a mess. Wastemanagement picked up their afternoon routes at 6:30 at night. Lower bids means less equipment and personnel. The result larger routes, hurried workers, accidents, and if your lucky before you get to bed at night you'll have your trash picked up. Low cost - crappy service.
Charles Thorne May 12, 2013 at 12:21 PM
I have to agree with Kerry Capital waste is messy and it has nothing to do with how the trash is prepared. If it falls on the ground they leave it period. If it doesn't come out of the barrel the first time they just throw the barrel back to the curb. Customer service is poor / rude when you call and how many weeks are they going to tell us about picking up yard waste? Even after calling, giving my address and being told they would be around they still didn't make the pick up, 2nd week in a row, Time to trash Capital waste and get someone willing to do the job they are paid to do.


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