Yellow Dots Give Emergency Responders in Braintree Quick Medical Info

Braintree Mayor Joseph Sullivan is teaming up with Norfolk County Sheriff Michael Bellotti to launch a new, free-of-charge safety program aimed at protecting senior citizens.

Under a program launched Monday by Mayor Joseph Sullivan and Norfolk County Sheriff Michael Bellotti, if first responders see a yellow sticker on the back window of someone's car, they will immediately know a standardized medical information form is in the glove box, providing them details that could help save the person's life.

The national Yellow Dot Program, as it is known, is spreading throughout the county, and the sheriff plans to bring it to each community in Norfolk. Braintree is the 19th town to sign-up, with Quincy and Weymouth coming soon and nearby communities such as Canton, Holbrook and Randolph already on board.

"Braintree is our strongest partner," Bellotti said at a press conference at Town Hall Monday morning. "We're here in a small way to complement what they're already doing on the streets."

The program is targeted at seniors but also available to anyone in town with medical issues they would like to share quickly with emergency personnel. Posters with information about the program will be posted throughout town.

"It could save a life," Sullivan said.

Those interested can first sign-up on Feb. 8 at the Department of Elder Affairs at 71 Cleveland Ave. Residents will be provided a packet to complete and when returned they will receive a folder with their name and photo on it to put the information in and place in their glovebox. The yellow sticker will go on their back window.

The program will allow senior citizens to "live as independently for as long as possible," Bellotti said.

After the initial sign-up, there will be rolling admissions into the program on a monthly basis.

Cohasset was the first Norfolk County community to join the program, in spring 2011.


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