Who Are Massachusetts’ Most Wanted Criminals?

These four people are wanted for various crimes by police.

Boston: Century Bank; 2/25 incident. Call with information: 617-223-6560
Boston: Century Bank; 2/25 incident. Call with information: 617-223-6560

Every day, police solve crimes in all our communities. But when suspects get away, Massachusetts law enforcement officers turn to the public for help. And that’s where the Mass Most Wanted network comes in.

Here are four of the state’s Most Wanted criminals:


On Feb. 25 , an unidentified man entered Century Bank in Boston and approached one of the teller stations, demanding “50s and 20s.” The man held a black semi-automatic handgun up to the window. After the teller handed the suspect the money, the suspect fled on foot toward Faneuil Hall.

Description: White male, 5-feet 8-inches, medium build, wearing a black baseball-style hat with tape over the logo, a black scarf, black jacket, jeans, and white sneakers with green stripes.

Call with information: 617-223-6560


On Feb. 26, two men and a woman entered a CVS Pharmacy in Plymouth and shoplifted several health and beauty items before fleeing the store.

Description: The suspects left in a tan Taurus-style vehicle; partial plate MA RSW. 

Call with information: 508-830-4218 ext. 236


On Feb. 28, three men entered the Big Y supermarket in Franklin and split up, before reconnecting in the baby formula aisle. Two men overloaded a carriage with canned baby formula, while the third served as a lookout. To leave the store, one man distracted store employees, one acted as lookout, and the third walked out with the full cart of formula. Over $1,000 in merchandise was stolen.

Description: See photos above. The men left in a newer model Nissan sports-utility vehicle.

Call with information: 508-440-2729


On Jan. 24, a man entered the Rite Aid at 405 Broadway in Everett and walked to the dental aisle of the store. The suspect “swept” the shelf of high-value products. Police believe the same suspect did the same at the Rite Aid in Revere on Dec. 29 of last year, Feb. 8, Feb. 9 and Feb. 12. Total merchandise loss is approximately $1,100.

Description: Black male, 5-feet 8-inches, wearing a black coat, grey sweatshirt, blue jeans.  

Call with information: 617-593-1373

Bonnie Parker March 16, 2014 at 11:39 AM
stevieB, I have some bad news for you about how prisons are funded...
Stretch March 16, 2014 at 12:35 PM
stevieB your a yuppie scum sucker
Stretch March 16, 2014 at 01:16 PM
Oh no not the baby formula. In a town filled with pedophiles and heroine users I really don't care if someone steals a bunch of mushed peas. You rich white racists have a futile and corrupt court system. Marblehead doesn't even have a court. You people just prey on the youth.
Andie March 17, 2014 at 09:30 AM
Matthew in this state pedophiles are more protected than we are. Also your comment on welfare rings true for some. Some people need it and some abuse it. Someday I hope to be able to afford a new iPhone...Like the girl in front of me at checkout using food stamps. I also think that tellers should have the right to bear arms at work. Maybe there would be less thefts.
D Penta March 17, 2014 at 01:17 PM
How about reporting on the thugs right here in Natick arrested!


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