Police Log: Women Busted for Driving Drunk, Falling Asleep on Drugs

In separate incidents last week, a Braintree woman and a Rockland woman were arrested after a vehicle crash and after falling asleep behind the wheel.

A Braintree woman was arrested last Thursday evening and charged with operating under the influence after allegedly hitting a parked car on Liberty Street.

Officer Brian Eng reported that he smelled "a strong odor of alcohol" on the breath of Ami N. Donahue, 22, and observed other signs of intoxication when he responded to the accident. He also found an open beer can on the floor, Deputy Chief Russell Jenkins said in a press release.

After sobriety tests, Donahue was arrested and also charged with having an open alcohol container while driving.

Crowd Gathers Around Sleeping Driver

Jillian M. Reis, 26, of Rockland, allegedly passed out behind the wheel of her car in Braintree after midnight on Saturday, leading police to charge her with operating under the influence of drugs.

Officer Peter Gillis found Reis asleep in her car, with her foot on the gas and a crowd of people gathered around it at the intersection of Quincy Avenue and Cotton Avenue, Jenkins said.

"After waking Reis and having conversation with her, Officer Gillis believed that she may be under the influence of various prescription medications," Jenkins said. "Reis agreed to perform several sobriety tests and was then placed under arrest."

She was also charged with unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle after police discovered she had been living in Massachusetts for two years without a license from the state, and she had an outstanding motor vehicle warrant.


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