Braintree Man Charged With Allegedly Hitting Son on Way Home From School

A roundup of Braintree cases going through Quincy District Court. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction unless otherwise stated.

Braintree man arraigned on assault and battery charges

Robert Russo, 40, of 20 Walnut St., Braintree, was arraigned in Quincy District Court on two counts of assault and battery. The case was continued to Oct. 5. Russo was released on personal recognizance.

The charges stem from a Oct. 28, 2011 incident in Braintree as Russo and his young son were walking home from the Flaherty Elementary School. Witnesses told police they saw Russo and his son on Walnut Street and that the father struck his son, who claimed they were just play fighting. But witnesses said they observed Russo taunting and yelling at the boy, hitting him in the face with a closed fist, knocking him onto the ground, and placing him in a headlock.

Traffic charge dismissed against Malden man

Odaine R. Williams, 22, of 34 Welsh St., Apt. 2, Malden, had a number plate violation to conceal identity dismissed in Quincy District Court and was found not responsible on related charges of speeding and driving an unregistered vehicle. The charges stem from a Dec. 12, 2011 incident in Braintree at 2:55 a.m. when police saw a dark coloroed Jeep Cherokee traveling on Liberty Street in excess of the posted 30 mph limited and stopped the vehicle.

Roxbury woman charged with identity fraud

Tracy Parks, 48, of 10 Perrin St., Apt. 3, Roxbury was arraigned in Quincy District Court on charges of identity fraud and larceny under $250. The case was continued to Oct. 2. The charges stem from a Jan. 14, 2011 incident in Braintree where police responded to a report of identity theft in connected with the settlement of a $915 personal injury insurance claim.

Braintree man found innocent of indecent assault charges

Brian J. Gillspie, 40, of 275 Elm St., Apt. 3B, Braintree, was found not guilty in Quincy District Court of two counts of open and gross lewdness and indecent assault and battery on a person age 14 or older. The charges stem from a May 4, 2011 incident in Braintree where the victim told police that Gillespie said "Forgive me for what I'm about to do," then attempted to kiss her on the lips, then exposed himself.

Harassment prevention order violation to go to jury

Brian J. Gillespie, 40, of 275 Elm St., Apt. 3B, Braintree had two counts of violation of a harassment prevention order continued to Oct. 17 for a jury trial in Quincy District Court. The charges stem from a March 26 incident in Braintree, where Gillespie is accused of violating a restraining order barring him from being within 10 yards from the female victim. Police said that Gillespie allegedly said to the victim, "Yuo better watch out. I'm watching you."


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