Braintree Transit Officer Helps Stop Suicidal Man from Jumping at Quincy T

James Clark is a transit officer from Braintree who was patrolling the Quincy Adams MBTA station last week when the incident happened.

A transit officer from Braintree and a Quincy police sergeant grabbed a 20-year-old Quincy man on Saturday who was poised to go over the edge of an MBTA station parking garage because "his life and family was in shambles."

Officer James Clark of Braintree was patrolling the Quincy Adams facility on May 26 when he came across the Quincy man "crying and sobbing loudly while running across the roof level towards the railing that overhang the garage," according to a police report provided by the MBTA.

Clark, in his report, said that he drove quickly over to the man and yelled at him, "Please don't go over let me talk to you for one minute, just give me one minute of your time."

The two men then talked for a few minutes while Quincy police and emergency medical personnel arrived, having been called by Clark when he first made contact with the man. Clark said he tried to engage the man, who "was visibly upset, screaming at me to leave him alone, he didn't want to live, his family life sucks..."

During the conversation, Clark said he signaled to the Quincy police sergeant to move closer and when they both came within two feet of the man, they lunged and grabbed him. He was taken to Quincy Medical Center for evaluation. 

Robert June 01, 2012 at 12:29 AM
Officer Clark is a credit to his department. Nice work!
Sean June 01, 2012 at 01:27 PM
Good to see that Officer Clark's training as a negotiator paid off!


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