Braintree Officers Recognized for Saving Young Woman's Life

The officers responded last month to a 911 call at the Hampton Inn in Braintree.

Braintree Police Department.
Braintree Police Department.
Braintree Police Chief Russell Jenkins has commended seven of his officers for helping to save the life of a 21-year-old woman who was found not breathing at a hotel last month.

The officers responded on the night of Dec. 27 to the Hampton Inn, where the woman was unresponsive and not breathing. Officer Peter Gillis initially began providing medical care and called for backup.

Officers Blake Holt, Donald Delaney and Brian Eng then arrived and assisted with CPR, Jenkins said. Officer Nathan Killeffer, also responding, recognized that the woman's airway was blocked and had Holt insert an Oropharyngeal airway to clear her throat.

The device worked, allowing CPR to move forward successfully. Officers James Peters and William Cushing also arrived and applied an AED, Jenkins said, which combined with the CPR allowed enough time for Fallon Ambulance medics to arrive.

"It is clear from the account provided by Sergeant [Phillip] Yee that the Night Shift really pulled together as a team to save this woman's life," Jenkins said. Yee specifically singled out Holt for inserting the Oropharyngeal airway.

Jenkins commended all of the officers for actions "indicative of the professionalism and dedication this Department strives to provide to our community" and awarded Holt eight hours time owed.


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