Actions to Subdue Out-of-Control Hotel Guest Earn Commendations for Braintree Police

Chief Russell Jenkins granted commendations to three Braintree police officers for their actions earlier this month.

Three Braintree police officers have been commended for safely securing a man who threatened them with a knife when they responded earlier this month to a report of his bizarre behavior at a local hotel.

In a personnel order, Police Chief Russell Jenkins praised Officers Brian Adams, Robert Chin, and Paul Campbell for their response to a situation at Extended Stay America on Monday, Dec. 3, 2012, saying that they used foresight and good tactics to avoid using deadly force.

The officers went to the hotel on Rockdale St. after receiving a report of an out-of-control guest. The man was smashing holes in the wall with chair legs while looking for candy, the hotel manager told them.

"Together, they proceeded to the guest’s room, where they listened from outside the room and heard the man yelling," Jenkins said. "The officers could also hear banging and crashing noises. After knocking on the door and announcing their presence, there were minutes of silence."

Officer Adams prepared his O.C. spray and when the door opened, the man was holding a knife and said "You guys made a big mistake today" as he walked toward the officers, Jenkins said.

A burst of O.C. by Adams forced the man to drop his knife and then the officers subdued the man, after wrestling with him and using the spray again. During the struggle, Adams tossed the knife out to the manager, who took control of it, Jenkins said.

Campbell and Chin were both injured during the incident. Jenkins said the actions by all three officers "bring credit to themselves and the Braintree Police Department."

"The officers made a tactical approach to the room, Officer Adams had the foresight to ready his O.C. and position himself to take action and the officers seized the opportunity to take control of the man once he relinquished the knife," Jenkins said.


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