SOUND OFF: Braintree's Worst Drivers?

If it were up to you, where would you set up Braintree's latest speed trap?

We've all had the feeling—a driver cuts you off, ignores a red light or speeds past a group of children and our sense of justice kicks in: “How great would it be if a cop saw that?”

Bearing in mind that Town Hall decision-makers occasionally read our comment section, we wanted to throw this question out to our readers: in a perfect world, where would you set up the town's next speed trap? 

Your neighborhood cross street? A school crossing walk? Somewhere along Granite Street or West Street? Tell us where the town should set up a net for speeders in our comments section below. 

LCT August 31, 2012 at 06:26 AM
Speed traps....hmmm....so little space to write & so many locations. My two personal pet peeves with speeders are: Cleveland Ave near the Senior Center (cars all day; 18-wheelers, cement/construction trucks first thing in the AM) and on Pond Street between the Braintree Rehab Hospital and Fairview Ave. In the early AM on Pond not only are cars flying in both directions but assorted trucks hastily weaving their way through the town to get up to Rte 3. I also feel sorry for the folks who live on Union Street between the Police Station and where Union turns into Commercial. The homeowners there take their lives in their hands trying to pull in or out of their own driveways because of the speeders and/or tailgaters. Any one of us could probably write a book about bad drivers in general; I'm trying to limit myself to speedtraps or I'll be typing all night....
Kathleen DeWitt August 31, 2012 at 12:31 PM
I would have to agree with Mom Rogers above. That incline between Lawnview and Angelina's is dreadful. You can't see both ways as you are trying to cross. It's by the grace of God that no one has been hit and or killed there. Need a slow down before incline sign. Please! Nanakate
Kelly August 31, 2012 at 10:25 PM
The rotary is a huge problem. I have almost being hit by a few times by drivers who do not even look --never mind yield. Recently I physically drove to the police station with a plate number when a car almost hit me and my two young children. I was extremely shaken up. I am thinking people don't know what "yield" means??? I was told by the Braintree police it was the State Police's job to monitor the rotary. Seriously, I personally think that is a cop-out !! Pun definitely intended.
Kelly August 31, 2012 at 10:34 PM
Also, the 3 way intersection at West Street and Washington Street is extremely dangerous. Especially at school time, I think that should be made into a "no turn on right" light. People never stop before the crosswalk and never look to the right for pedestrians before turning. I can't tell you how many times I have had the WALK light and almost been hit in the middle of a cross walk. That's why I carry a large walking stick and am not afraid to use it.
LCT September 01, 2012 at 06:14 AM
I agree with all the comments about the rotary. I find the Rte 3 Southbound exist rampt to be the worst. Cars can fly off that ramp at 40-50 MPH and Heaven forbid the drivers look before entering the rotary. Try walking home from the T Station in the winter in the dark with snow/ice on the road edges and having to cross that exist ramp on foot! I cannot believe no pedestrian has been killed. Unfortunately, I believe the ramps/rotary, belongs to the state, thus the State Police are technically responsible to monitor the traffic. I have no clue if a State Police vs Braintree Police "turf war" would erupt if the Braintree Police ticketed there. Evidently to many drivers in MA, a "Yield" sign means "speed up" or is just for ornamental purposes. Somewhere in MA I saw a rotary with signs, the size of billboards complete with flashing yellow lights, that say "cars in rotary have right-of-way". Ugly as sin but sure are attention getters.


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