Snow removal

I would like to complain about the snow removal on Whittier Rd.  Having lived in Boston for 59 years on a dead end street and lived through many snowstorms including the blizzard of 78 and always had our street plowed side to side, I don't understand how Braintree can do such a crappy job at plowing most if not all their roads.  The plow that came down Whittier Rd. , made a pass down the middle so only one car at a time could go up or down.  There were No cars parked on either side to prevent them widening the street, but no, one pass, and that was it.  Not only one pass but not even to the ground.  I made two calls to the DPW explaining I was handicapped, in a wheelchair, and had nurses coming and going.  The secretary said she would pass it on to the foreman but I'm sure she was swamped with calls and complaints.  It wasn't like they had no where to put the snow...it's the first major storm we've had.  I pay taxes just like everyone else and I think we deserve better.  I'd be curious to see how the mayors street or the police chief and fire chiefs streets were cleared.  I bet they were wider than one car width.  I had guests on Sunday from Dorchester, Plympton and Weymouth who all said they knew exactly when they hit Braintree because of the terrible road conditions.  Maybe the plow drivers should work more than sitting under the expressway waiting for the overtime to begin.


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