Haircutting as an Art Form at Braintree Salon

Amidst the overload of hair salons in Braintree, The Snippery is a standout!

I will be the first person to admit that I have not been a salon loyalist! I have bounced between four different salons in Braintree, two in Jamaica Plain, a few in Quincy and even one in Randolph.

But I can finally say that I think I have finally found a place I feel comfortable in. That place is , located at 654 Washington St. in Braintree. Being a person with stick-straight hair, baby-fine in texture, I am finally through with fighting mother nature! You see, I have found "Gina," the owner of The Snippery and the master of the razor cut! Gina can work wonders with that razor, resulting in a fabulous cut that brings compliments from strangers on the street!

The Snippery is celebrating its 15th year as a Braintree business, although Gina has been in business (starting in Quincy) for close to 21 years! Having a background in the visual arts (photography and drawing), Gina brings her artistic sensibility to hair cutting as well. Her salon offers brush-to-brush cuts, a technique not easily found at the average salon, which gives a more natural, less rigid form of a haircut; the result being superlative! 

The Snippery also offers the aforementioned razor cuts, color correction, straightening, waxing, manicures, makeovers, make up lessons, glossing, coloring and special occasion hairdos.

Of great significance, though, is Gina's expertise in helping people with hair loss, due to chemotherapy or illness, achieve superior results with the wigs or hair pieces that are available.

This specialty came about early on in Gina's career as a stylist, when she volunteered to drive a family friend to chemptherapy treatments and saw how upsetting the resulting hair loss was for the woman. Gina worked with this woman, cutting the wig that she chose and adapting it to better fit her facial features.

Eventually, that same woman went on to not only survive her cancer, but also become employed by a company whose mission was to help cancer patients with their hair loss difficulties. That company, called "Girl on the Go," provides cancer patients with an array of potential wigs would later contract with Gina to meet privately with the patient/customer and try out all of the options that would best allow them to look (and hence, feel) their best.

This task is much more daunting than it seems and it takes somebody with empathy and compassion to deal with the emotionality of the situation. Gina is also able to work with people experiencing partial baldness, by utilizing hairpieces or extensions, as often a full wig is not always the solution. Gina's goal in helping her customer is to find the most natural look possible, so as to bring some measure of comfort to a person who is already dealing with a horrendous situation.

"I have helped people in final stages of cancer – young women sometimes – whom I know I will never see again, who are determined to spend their final days feeling good about their appearance," Gina told me in discussing her specialization in wigs. "Wigs also require maintenance, such as washing, setting, even styling for special occasions."

The Snippery is a homey, comfortable place where the wishes of the customer are always primary. There is no snobbishness or superior attitudes to deal with, as can be found often in other salon environments, and nobody offering you the latest cut-du-jour that you may not want! In addition to Gina, there is one other hair stylist, Maureen LaBianca and the receptionist and office specialist Amanda Tanck. They make a fine team.

The Snippery is the quintessentially small-but-personal hair salon that most of us hope to find, but often do not. If you don't believe me, check out the numerous positive reviews of this salon on the internet Google or Yahoo rating sites!

A genuine "hidden gem" of Braintree, The Snippery is head and shoulders (yes, a pun) above the rest!

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