I attended the Christmas Concert on Sunday at the town hall. My daughter is in the choir that performed that day (which they have done every year) and I was looking forward to listening to the show these kids put on. To my dismay when the kids took the stage I could hardly hear them. There were people talking, yelling at their kids, and an overall madhouse going on without any concern for the kids on stage. These kids work very hard and Mr. Sawtelle puts in his time too to get ready for this concert. The least that could be done is to actually listen to the show. I could not believe how rude some people were while these kids were trying to sing! Maybe they need to do it a little different next year to allow these kids the courtesy they deserve. The concert was only about 20 minutes long couldn't everyone just stop and listen and then go about their business? I felt bad for my daughter and some of the other kids who came off the stage saying that no one cared whether they were there or not.
Joanne C Tully December 18, 2013 at 12:33 PM
Please know that there were so many of us in attendance that truly cared that they were there, and really enjoyed their wonderful performance. The "Holiday Open House" was in full swing when the choir took the stage, and unfortunately some are busy with other activities in the hall and are not focused on the stage. However, when the choir joined the Braintree Rotary Club in the front hall for the Memorial name reading and tree lighting, you could have heard a pin drop when the choir sang a beautiful rendition of "Let There Be Peace On Earth"...with most everyone there joining in. Mr. Sawtelle does a terrific job every year at this event....and please know that their performance is appreciated and enjoyed by so many.


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