Craft Beer Cellar Raffling Rare Beer for Braintree Charity

The motto of the Craft Beer Cellar: "We are interested in amazing beer from small breweries, and all that entails."

Craft Beer Cellar Braintree Facebook page.
Craft Beer Cellar Braintree Facebook page.
The Craft Beer Cellar, a new store in the Landing dedicated to selling beer from small breweries, is offering raffle tickets to benefit the Marge Crispin Center.

The raffle is ongoing through Dec. 15 and tickets are available at the store at 28 Commercial St. in Braintree. Each $1 ticket comes with a chance to purchase for $10 one of 12 bottles of Cantillon, a beer from Belgium that is extremely rare in the United States.

"We wanted to do this because it's not always about the rarest beer, but about the community," co-owner Kay Lorenz said in an email. "Even if people aren't into craft beers or even this particular brewery from Belgium, our hope is that they will buy a raffle ticket to support the Marge Crispin Center."

The center supports more than 200 Braintree families with food, household items and presents for children during the holidays, and is a year-round support center for those in need.

Winners will be selected Dec. 16.


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