Two Braintree Intersections Make State's Worst List

The MassDOT uses RMV data to put together a list of the Top 200 High Crash Intersections.

Two intersections in Braintree are among the most accident-prone locations in Massachusetts, according to a report recently released by the Department of Transportation.

Lowell dominates the list of the Top 200 High Crash Intersection Locations, taking two of the first three spots and five in the top 30. The second-highest crash location was Randolph Avenue and Chickatawbut Road in Milton.

In Braintree, the intersection at Granite and Common streets was number 121 with 54 total crashes and 15 with injuries, according to data collected by the DOT in 2010 with help from the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Granite and Franklin streets earned number 169 on the list, with 37 crashes, 16 featuring injuries. None of the accidents at the locations in Braintree in 2010 were fatal.

By comparison, number one on the list – VFW Highway and Varnum Avenue in Lowell – saw 161 crashes in 2010, 42 with injuries.

Granite and Franklin streets moved up slightly from 2009, when the intersection was number 174 on the list. Granite and Common dropped from number 80.

The data used for the list only includes accidents entered into the statewide crash system, DOT Administrator Frank DePaola wrote in an introduction to the September 2012 report.

"Although Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 90 § 26 and 29 require drivers and police departments to file crash reports that exceed specific thresholds, this is not always the case," DePaola wrote. "Furthermore, not all crashes submitted to the Registry of Motor Vehicles get entered into the crash system. Improving the crash reporting system and the quality of the data will help to focus resources where they are most needed."

For an interactive map of the worst intersections, go to http://services.massdot.state.ma.us/maptemplate/TopCrashLocations.

What Braintree intersection(s) would you include? Tell us in the comments below.


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