A Brief History of Flooding in Braintree

Significant floods in Braintree over the past 50 years include the October 1991 "Perfect Storm."

Out of all the serious natural hazards identified by Braintree officials for a FEMA grant proposal and mitigation plan, flooding was the most prevalent.

"Sea level rise brought on by global climate change has the potential to exacerbate these issues over time," according to the town's hazardous mitigation plan, which the Town Council was scheduled to review on Tuesday night.

Reasons for flooding in Braintree include: coastal storms, dam failure and ice jams. Significant floods over the past 50 years include:

March 1968

Blizzard of 1978

January 1979

April 1987

October 1991 "The Perfect Storm"

October 1996

June 1998

March 2001

April 2004

May 2006

April 2007

March 2010

The report also identified a number of areas prone to flooding in Braintree, such as the Braintree Highway Barn, Harding Avenue, Hancock and Route 37, Solar Avenue and Wayne Avenue.

Have you dealt with serious flooding in the past? What have you done to combat the problem? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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