National Grid Warns of Utility Bill Scammers

Be wary of any caller who threatens immediate service termination unless a payment is made over the phone, according to the company

Phone. Credit: Patch file photo
Phone. Credit: Patch file photo

National Grid sent out a release Thursday warning customers of an ongoing scam.

In the scam, fraudulent callers are claiming to be from National Grid and are threatening to immediately terminate electrical service unless a payment is made over the phone, with either a credit card or bank account number.

Similar scams have been reported in several states over the past year, according to the utility company.

National Grid does contact customers with past balances due by phone to offer payment options. However, the company never demands direct payment over the phone.

One way to verify your speaking with a National Grid representative is to ask the caller for the last five digits of your National Grid account number. To verify information and for any billing-related questions for National Grid in New England, call the company’s customer contact center at 1-800-322-3223.


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