Dependable Cleaners Bridal and Wedding Gown Restoration Specialist Discusses New Role

Elton Crespo, a former dry cleaner and assistant manager in Braintree, is the new head of the Dependable Cleaners Bridal and Wedding Gown Restoration group.

To many women, the most important item of clothing they'll ever wear is their wedding dress. The Dependable Cleaners Bridal and Wedding Gown Restoration group, located in the Milton store, takes the task of cleaning, preserving and restoring those special gowns very seriously.

The family-owned dry cleaners recently promoted longtime employee Elton Crespo to Bridal and Restoration Specialist.

Crespo began is career at Dependable Cleaners as a dry cleaner at the Braintree location in 2004, before being promoted to assistant manager of that store.
He worked as a manager of the Norwood location next, then became the Milton store manager and eventually the head of the Bridal and Wedding Gown Restoration group.

The wedding gown department at Dependable Cleaners has its own separate laboratory, operated by specially trained staff. While many regular dry cleaning items are done the same day, wedding gown work takes about 30 days, Crespo explained.

According to Crespo, about 50 percent of the Bridal and Wedding Gown Restoration group's work is preserving dresses after the wedding. About 25 percent of the work is cleaning and pressing the wedding gowns prior to the big day.

Dresses that are cleaned or preserved can be dropped off at any Dependable Cleaners store and will be transported to Milton.

Restoration is the most rapidly growing part of the wedding gown business, Crespo said. As more women are opting to restore their mother's or grandmother's dresses, Crespo and his team have to care for very sentimental garments that are often old and delicate.

While Crespo admits restorations can be nerve-racking, it's also very rewarding to have a customers trust and deliver on their wishes.

Crespo recalled one customer, a 65-year-old man, who brought his mother's gown into the store to be restored. The customer's mother had died while giving birth to him, so having never met her, the dress represented an even deeper connection.

Despite the sentimental value of the old dress, the customer turned it over to Dependable Cleaners for restoration. When the work was done and the dress was brought back to life, the customer cried right in the store.

"It's really emotional to see an elderly guy crying," said Crespo, who was grateful to be given the opportunity to work on the garment.

Customers interested in bridal services or restoration can call 617-698-8300 or visithttp://www.dependablecleaners.com.

Crespo is now happily settling into his new position. "I'm really glad I got the job," Crespo said.


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