Career Institute Abruptly Closes; Can't Get Credit To Stay Open

With a location in Braintree, the American Career Institute abruptly shut its doors and ushered students and teachers out of all of its buildings across Massachusetts.

Headquartered in Framingham and with a location on Granite Street in Braintree, the American Career Institute abruptly closed all of its locations across Massachusetts and the United States on Wednesday, unable to obtain credit to continue operating.

"Regrettably, American Career Institute is being forced to close on Jan. 9, 2013. The owners had to make the difficult decision to close the school due to its recent and unanticipated inability to access additional credit from the school's lenders. Without access to this credit, ACI is not able to continue operating," stated the Newbury Street business in a letter to students.

Student Haley Dutchka wrote on the Framingham Patch Facebook page "I sat in class today taking a final. My second month in school at ACI. I stayed after to take a makeup quiz and do extra credit... I left and received an email from school stating they just closed. No warning. I am in complete shock. The students from the framingham campus are in an uproar!"

Dutchka later wrote "The school website is shut down (we can not access our credits or grades) and phones are off. They have no employees so how then plan to "help students" find other schools is beyond me. People that paid 10,000+ just this December lost all of it, only one month into school. Students with a week to go, or ready to graduate now can not. No one has answers, and I dont think we ever will."

In a letter to students, ACI emailed "As of January 9, 2013, all ACI campuses will close. Despite, the necessity of a sudden closure, ACI remains committed to its student body. ACI is working diligently with schools in Massachusetts to develop teach-out agreements. Generally, a teach-out agreement would allow current ACI students to complete their programs at another school which offers a similar educational program. ACI encourages students to complete their program as teach outs become available, otherwise please be aware that there is a federal student loan discharge process that you may be eligible to apply for ..."

American Career Institute had locations in Massachusetts in Framingham, Cambridge, Springfield, Woburn and Braintree. It also operated three locations in Maryland in Baltimore, Columbia and Wheaton.

J January 15, 2013 at 01:05 AM
As a former student, I'm saddened at the news- not for the school, but for the current students. My advice to current students would be to be your own advocate and reach out to similar programs to see what they can do to help! Good luck, keep your heads up! Don't let this hold you back from your goals and aspirations, you deserve to graduate from somewhere and you will.
JC January 15, 2013 at 06:13 AM
I am upset, and like many other students, I am also still trying to wrap my head around the fact that my school is no longer there. I am angry, sad, and completely frustrated. And as mad as I am about how this affects me, there is one thing I feel has completely been left out. My education along with the educations of my classmates has been worth every penny and then some. I can't speak for any of the other campuses, but here at the Braintree campus, I felt like things were different. The digital media instructors at this campus actually cared about us, and the bond that we all had made it easy to come to class and heartbreaking when classes ended. All I see are reports about getting locked out and told to leave, but it wasn't like that here. Gerry the campus dean sat at the front desk getting yelled at by some, comforting others, and the whole time did everything he could to help. And directly past him, for days following the closing, the digital instructors Jon, Rob, and Bill stayed there helping any media students as best as they could. They bought storage, food, and helped collect student work, wrote letters of recommendation, looked at resumes, demo reels, and gave anything they could including personal collections of assets and video tutorials for 3 days after. They did this because they visibly cared and it showed. I'm lucky that I got to learn from them! 3 rooms were filled with students receiving help. Its not everyday you see dedication like that!


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