Braintree's Beer Craft Cellar Part of National Model

What started in Belmont Center by a town's couple has seen franchises/stores as far off as St. Louis and possibly Seattle.

Kate Baker and Suzanne Schalow, founders of the Craft Beer Cellar.
Kate Baker and Suzanne Schalow, founders of the Craft Beer Cellar.
By Franklin Tucker

Talking to Belmont Patch in the summer of 2010, Kate Baker and Suzanne Schalow said they didn't know just how successful their concept of a store that catered to craft beers. 

But Schalow did know one thing even before they opened Craft Beer Cellar at 51 Leonard St. in the heart of Belmont Center.

"We're going to sell great beers that will make your head spin," she said.

Since opening the door to the Cellar in November 2010, Baker and Schalow have been wildly successful with their combination of immaculate customer service and passion of the products they sell. 

And the pair is taking that success nationwide as the Craft Beer Cellar expands not only in and around Boston – Newton Center, Winchester, Westford and Braintree all have their own Cellar –but to locations across the US such as St. Louis, Florida and possibly the center of hipster life, Seattle. 

The Braintree located opened earlier this year in the Landing. It is owned by franchisees Kay Lorenz and Matt Young.

In an Associated Press article in the Boston Globe and Boston Herald, Baker and Schalow describes their plan to spread the gospel of artisan beer made by small and medium-sized brewers around the nation through social media, great selections and their and their staffs love of beer.


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