Local Theatre Company to Tour 'Hamlet'

"The play is a rollercoaster of emotion that will keep you spell bound from start to finish."

The Bay Colony Shakespeare Company is delighted to open the 2014 season with
Shakespeare’s immortal classic, “Hamlet." 

Directed by Braintree resident Ross MacDonald, the two-hour production is a swift, sweeping epic, a dramatic rollercoaster, set amidst a Royal Household 
and the vibrant and violent characters that inhabit it. 

A talented company of actors, blessed with exceptional verse speakers abilities, 
gifted musicians, and skilled stage combatants. A troupe embracing the traditions of travelling players as well as making the story relevant to a 21st century audience.

“Hamlet is a story of how far people are willing to go in order to achieve their 
ambitions, their duties, their loves,” says director MacDonald. “If the story of 'Hamlet' happened today, the event would be one of the greatest scandals of the age.”

The Company is delighted to have a fantastic cast for such a magnificent play. The role of Hamlet will be played by Ross Magnant, and also featuring Elizabeth Hartford, Tom Grenon, Meredith Stypinski, James Bocock, Erica Simpson, Cameron Gosselin and Alexander Joseph. Costumes are by Deirdre McCabe, sets are by E. Simpson and M. 

Stirling, and Sound Design is by M. Stypinski and C. Gosselin.

So far the show will be performed at:

1/30 - Wellesly High School at 7:30 PM

2/7 - 2/8 at the Chevalier Theatre in Medford
(2/7 at 8 PM, 2/8 at 3PM and 8 PM

2/28 - 3/2 - Priscilla Beach Theatre
(2/28 at 7:30 PM, 3/1 at 3PM and 8PM, 3/2 at 2PM

There will also be a 90 minute school version performed at BC High School, Catholic Memorial High school, Barnstable High School, Marshfield High School and others.

Please check out our website at http://baycolonyshakespeare.org for more information.

Founded in 2013, by Neil McGarry, the Company seeks to bring the power of 
language to the forefront of modern thought. It is determined to; “to engage our community, to be present to our community - through language and the transformative power of theatre….In recognizing our common humanity, we are enriched.”

The Bay Colony Shakespeare Company, Inc is a 501c3 non profit organization and a Massachusetts registered charity, and we appreciate all your support.


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