Sustainable Braintree Launches New Website

Visit sustainablebraintree.org to learn about Sustainable Braintree.

When you click onto sustainablebraintree.org you will be pleased see a new and updated website. 

Sustainable Braintree undertook the revamping of their website in order to support and further our mission of advocating smart living though sustainability and environmental awareness.

Over the past year, Sustainable Braintree members have worked closely with the Melrose Asset Group to design a website that would not only provide information about the organization but serve as a valuable resource for the community. 

Our home page contains the calendar, a brief history of Sustainable Braintree, our sponsors and donors as well as information about student scholarships and teacher grant awards.  

You can link to our Facebook page, make a donation to support our efforts  to effectively serve and respond to the sustainable needs  of the Braintree community and even sign up to become a member of this amazing organization.

Each of Sustainable Braintree’s four Task Forces has designed a section. The Recycling Task Force, the Community Garden, the Energy Task Force, and the Farmer Market all contain valuable information and provide links to other websites that are educational and informative.   

A section is devoted to the Green Gala our annual celebration which will be held March 2, 2013 at Town Hall. Make it a point to visit sustainablebraintree.org to learn about this outstanding organization.

–Sustainable Braintree


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