Finding Answers on the Other Side: Patch Talks to Local Paranormal Investigator

LaRocca will investigate your property for free.

Glen LaRocca, paranormal investigator from Braintree. Credit: Patch file photo
Glen LaRocca, paranormal investigator from Braintree. Credit: Patch file photo
Glenn LaRocca has been investigating the paranormal since the summer of 1975. LaRocca and his cousin Ronnie loved to slink around abandoned buildings in town, hoping to uncover the mysteries of their past through the creaks and moans of the boards - the "clues" left behind. 

A Braintree native, LaRocca is the founder of Paranormal Destination, and with equipment and a team of other interested "ghost hunters," investigates local paranormal occurrences. There is no fee, and interested parties can email the site with questions. 

LaRocca officially started the service during a hot July in 1977. 

"We were at one of those old, abandoned houses," said LaRocca. "It was about 9 at night and we were doing an investigation when a board that was alongside the wall fell forward. I remember running out of there so fast. That was when I started to be more serious about investigations." 

LaRocca said he particularly enjoys investigating historical sites, being from Massachusetts.  

Many contact him after hearing of his investigations, and he also places his business cards in stores. 

How often does he "find" something? 

"During many investigations, we do always seem to have something going on - maybe a voice, shadows, footsteps, moving orbs." 

He and his team use voice recorders, video cameras, K-2 meters, EMF detectors and a thermal camera. 

"I find a lot of orbs, voices, get cold spots ... footsteps," said LaRocca. "The strangest thing I ever came across, I didn't even record. I came into a house when we were ready to investigate. I was setting up my equipment when all at once a can sitting on the table came flying at me. I knew that night that I was in for a crazy night. I do find some places haunted more than others. I'm always looking for some good people that would love help find the answers on the other side."


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