Braintree Rotary Memorial Tree Sponsor Remembrances

The Rotary Club is an international organization whose local chapters like the one in Braintree help support a variety of causes.

Braintree Rotary Club sponsored the Annual Memorial Tree on December 9th. The annual event is the “grand finale” to the Braintree Board of Trade’s Holiday
Open House held at the Town Hall.

The ceremony is a unique and memorable way to remember loved ones that have passed as well as honor family and friends that are still with us. All proceeds from this fundraising event benefit local educational and literacy programs. Other local programs funded by proceeds in year’s past included scholarships to high school seniors, youth sports, music and art programs, senior citizen events and other charitable causes.

The Rotary Club invited other non-profit organizations and PTO’s covering Braintree schools to partner with them in their fundraising efforts. Money raised by the organizations was shared equally with the club and the respective organization.

Braintree Rotary’s President-Elect and six year club veteran, Robert Marsh, organized and facilitated this year’s event.

“Community members really look forward to this event”, said Marsh. “This is a very solemn but joyous ceremony. At the end of the Board of Trade’s event, club members gather in the foyer of the Town Hall and read the names. Family members and friends of those being remembered gather with us. In addition, the South Middle School Choir joined us in song. Once the names were read, the group assembled to illuminate the Rotary Memorial Tree which has a permanent home next to the Thayer Public Library. This is a wonderful way to remember and memorialize our loved ones during the holiday season.”

Remembered by Memorial Tree Patrons:

Anna Allen, Anna Biron and Family, Tyler Brock, Clare Burns and Family, Melissa B. Casale, Domnic Costa, Mary Dawson and Family, Everett Ford, James Foley, Joan Fulton, John Gill, Joe Grant, Mary Grant, Louise Hallisey, Paul Joyce, Santa Koster, Edna Logan, Samuel Logan, Dick Macdonald and Family, Jerry MacDonald and Family, Ralph MacDonald and Family, Ethel McClelland and Family, Mary Montani, Regina Moriarty and Family, Anna Murphy, John Murphy, Jack & Tina Nicklas, Margaret Nelson and Family, Helen Parlon and Family John
V. Polio and Family, Robert Pupile, Lisa Rizzo, Louis Rizzo, Peter Rizzo, Sophia Rizzo, Acacia Rizzo-Cugno, John Ryan, Mildred Ryan, Robert Ryan, Arthur St. John, Fred St. John, Ruth St. John, Charles Tufankjian, George Tufankjian, Rose Tufankjian,Thomas F. Welch

Remembered by bulb sponsors:

John Amendolare, Bronius Baltaduonis, Elena S. Baronas, Patricia J. Baronas, Julius J. Baronas Sr., Paul Belmonte, Susan Belmonte, Linda Bergeron-Tocci, Fred Bickford III, Joseph Bonanno, Mary Bonanno, Richard P. Breen, Lucia Campo, Charles Canty, Robert Carley, Brian Caruso, John "Sonny" Caruso, John J. Caruso, Marie I. Caruso, Tara Cawley, John Cawley Jr., John Cawley Sr., Anne Chermesino, Margaret Chermesino, Vito Chermesino, Domnic Costa, Joseph Costa, Donald Cozzens, James Curry, Dewars Adam Curtis, Jill DaBona, Dorothy DeRoche, Everett Drew, Glady Drew, Mary Driscoll, Richard Driscoll, Roland Driscoll, Ted Driscoll, Thomas F. Driscoll, Chris "Pud" Duffy, Dean Dwyer, Lloyd Eby, Martha Eby, George Eckman, The MacDonald Family, The Noonan Family, Frances Ferro, Grace Florio, Charles Fournier, Patricia Frawley-Bird, Maria Gallinaro, Salvatore "Sam" Garlisi, Adelaid Gilbert, Carl Gilbert, Anita Gottfried, May Grant, Angela Guiliano, Basile Guiliano, Joseph Guiliano, Mary Guiliano-Sorrentino, Dr. Frederick Hanson, Bonnie Hawkins, Dr. Bill Hawkins, Marion Hawkins, James Heart, Mildred G. Helgren, Oliver A. Helgren, Pat Howard, Tony Hume, Milton Hunter, Florence Hutchinson, David Jarrett, Jane Johnson, Elizabeth Joyce, Lawrence Keegan, John E. Kennedy, Bruce Kjellander, David Kjellander, Elsie Kjellander, Bill Kozicki, John Kyne, Sandra LaBombard, Norm LeClair, Peggy LeClair, Jimmy Lee, Robert Lee, Robert E. Lee, Florence E. Logan, The Family of Lorraine MacLean, The Family of Carol MacLellan, Nicholas Mavilia, Yano Mavilia, Chickie McGowan, John McGrath, The Family of Winnifred McNamara, Stephen Mohan, Christopher Moore, Anne Morrison, Richard Morrison, The Family of John Murphy, Jack & Tina Nicklas, Carmelo "Nick" Nicosia, Jack Norton, John Norton, Margaret Norton, The Family of Steven O'Brien, Michael O'Conner, Mary Orton, Frank Pecci, Staff Sergeant Robert Perrelli, Adele Perzner, Wigmore Pierson, Laura Pimental, The Family of Edward Pimental Sr., Florence Ponti, William Ponti, Steve Richmond, Bruce E. Robertson, Arthur D. Roderick, Irving Roderick, Mary P. Roderick, Randy Roderick, Ronald Roderick, Evette Roderick-Freller, Helen Rowe, Ray Rowe, Michael Ryan, Stephanie Ryan, Robert Ryan Jr., Marion Sanford, Leo F. Santa Maria, Mary Santa Maria, Melvin H. Shattuck, George Shores, Harriet Shores, Mary Smyth, Jean Spellman, Charlotte Spencer, Glen Spencer, Florence Sperlish, Kenny St. Peter, Gerard St. Pierre, Helen St.Peter, Nick Stano, Madeline "Maddie" Stasium, Mary Sterio, Thomas Sterio, Anthony "Nino" Storlazzi, Mildred Storlazzi, Ryland Stout, Joanne Swanson, Doris Torrey, John Traniello, Robert E. Tully, Stephanie Tully, Liz Varraso, Elizabeth Varraso-Clery, Joan Visconti, Joe Visconti, Robert W. Vozzella, John West, Ruth West, Eleanor White, Dan Wilson, Cindy K. Wright, Evelin Young, George Chet Young


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