Mayor to Lift Braintree Parking Ban Wednesday Afternoon

The storm dropped nearly 10 inches on Braintree as of Wednesday morning, the National Weather Service said.

Shoveling Weymouth Landing. File photo.
Shoveling Weymouth Landing. File photo.
Braintree's on-street parking ban will lift at 3 p.m. Wednesday following a storm that dropped nine inches of snow overnight and brought near zero temperatures.

Mayor Joseph Sullivan said that despite the accumulation, the town is in good shape and crews are now clearing side roads, using a magnesium salt mixture that should help with freezing snow packs.

Sullivan implemented the ban before the storm hit the region Tuesday afternoon at 3 p.m. It was originally set to expire at 6 a.m. Friday, but Sullivan said he assessed the roads Wednesday morning and revised the schedule.

"It's easier to pull back than to extend it," Sullivan said.

The National Weather Service has a Winter Storm Warning in effect in the Braintree area and forecasts a chance of snow until 1 p.m., then a tapering off. Expect wind gusts as high as 31 miles per hour and wind chill dipping as low as -8 degrees.

During the ban, on-street parking and parking in municipal lots is not allowed. Residents can park at Sunset Lake or Watson Park

Town Hall opened late at 10 a.m. Wednesday. Sullivan said he expects Braintree schools to open normally Thursday.

For snow removal concerns, call the town's hotline at 781-794-8965.

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