Su Escuela Language Academy Gives Back!

The Korima (Karma) Project at Su Escuela Language Academy

The elementary students and teachers at Su Escuela Language Academy in Hingham created a unique community service project  that took place in January. Students made creative arts and crafts at school, then brought the crafts home to exchange for food.  They worked as a team to collect nonperishable food items. The teachers and students referred to this activity as the Korima (Karma) Project. This project taught students the cause and effect of their hard work on their crafts in exchange for valuable food to feed the hungry.  The project result was overwhelming with hundreds of non perishable food items that were donated to Wellspring Food Pantry in Hull on February 3,, 2014.   Wellspring has many services for the public and is always in need of donations. Su Escuela Language Academy teachers, parents and children took pride in supporting their community and encourage others to support all local food banks with creative projects. 

 For more information about Su Escuela Language Academy,  please visit our website at www.suescuela.com.

 Prepared by our teachers Jr-Kindergarten-2nd grade teachers:
Paz Mosquera, 1st and 2nd Grade Spanish Teacher
Meghan Bray, Kindergarten-2nd Grade English Teacher
Christine Giampietro, Kindergarten-2nd Grade English Teacher
Paola Chamorro, Kindergarten-2nd Grade Math Teacher
Angela Letelier, Kindergarten Spanish Teacher
Anna Sanhueza, Jr-Kindergarten Spanish Teacher
Rocio Reyes, Jr-Kindergarten Spanish Teacher
Lu Lu, Kindergarten-2nd Grade Chinese Teacher


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