Joe Avellone Announces Office of Recovery

Boston, MA- Democratic Candidate for Governor Joe Avellone announced today that he would create an Office of Recovery.

“Substance abuse is a rapidly growing problem in our state that has not gotten the attention it deserves,” said Avellone. “For over fifteen years, illicit drugs such as heroin and painkillers have brought devastation to our families, communities, and individual lives. Despite the state investing millions of dollars, this problem has continued to plague our cities and towns. In Massachusetts, substance abuse is treated as a crime. We need to change that. In my administration, we will treat substance abuse as a public health issue.”

The Office of Recovery will be designated under the Executive Office of Health and Human Services. The current office that deals with substance abuse, the Massachusetts Bureau of Substance Abuse, will be folded into Office of Recovery. The office will be staffed by Regional Coordinators who are tasked with coordinating with local detox and rehabilitation facilities so that every person can easily find immediate treatment for those in need of help in their area.

“As Governor, I will highlight the issue of substance abuse and addiction in our Commonwealth. I will work to lessen the stigma of this illness and open our minds to make sure that treatment is available to anyone in Massachusetts who is in need,” said Avellone.


Joe Avellone is a Democrat running for Governor of Massachusetts. Joe has served in various management leadership roles throughout his distinguished private and public sector career, including surgeon, entrepreneur, healthcare executive, Selectman and Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserves.


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