Feel Better in Mind, Body, and Spirit-- Sound Healing Session in Pembroke Wednesday Evening April 2

Sound Healing, which Dr. Oz calls 'the next wave' in healing, effects change right down to the molecular level. Come join sound healing duo SoundScapers as they return to Heaven on Earth, 270 Washington Street, Pembroke, on Wednesday evening, April 2, 7-9:00pm for another incredible group sound healing session. Attendees sit back and are bathed in exquisite sound and tone, including the gong, the shruti box, chant, the didgeridoo, and over 20 quartz crystal and Tibetan singing bowls. This is a profoundly relaxing and deeply therapeutic practice that will leave you feeling restored, released, and rejuvenated. $30, follow the link to register. Thanks for reading, and have a peaceful day.

“Everyone has a vibration that is a signature of their health and well-being. Similar to a musical instrument that can fall out of tune through use, our bodies can also fall out of vibrational harmony and potentially develop illness. Stress and negativity create blockages of a healthy flow of energy, showing up in the energy field around our body as lower energy disturbances at first, and later as illness in our physical body. Sound and vibration can be used to re-tune and return us to health and one of the most powerful modalities for this is the use of singing bowls. When there is a deep relaxation through soothing, resonant sound, the body is affected on a cellular level, opening up the flow of energy to move us back toward health…” Suren Shrestha, How to Heal with Singing Bowls


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